Level One Obedience
Classes at Metro Muttz are based around positive training methods.
Each course is 7 weeks in length, one hour per week.
Classes are kept small and class curriculum is based on the individual needs of the participating dogs in the class.  We do our best to place dogs in classes with other dogs similar in age, size, and/or training level. 

What will you learn in Level One?

We discuss all typical behaviour isssues such as
 digging/barking/mouthing/housebreaking/etc. Plus all of the basics
 (sit/down/stay/walking on a loose leash/etc)

 We incorporate many relationship building exercises (no one wants to
 fight" with their dog for attention or obedience) A good relationship with
your dog is the key to successful dog training! We put a huge emphasis on
the "recall word" making sure that our dogs know and understand how to come
 when they are called..the first time...everytime!

 You will learn how to teach your dog to have impulse control ( I.e. Not
bolting out a door when it opens, not jumping up on people when they're
 excited, barking, begging for food, stealing food/objects etc etc)

Plus so much more!

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