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Puppy Power Hour

The perfect program to compliment your puppy's obedience training. 

This class is FUN! FUN! FUN! 

Each Class will be focusing on 4 areas of learning for the puppies. 

Agility and Body Work 
Introduction to safe "puppy agility equipment". Going through tunnels, and walking on new surfaces will help build confidence as well as teach your dog about its body and how to use it safely! (Dogs need to know they have a rear-end and how to use it!) All equipment is safe for puppies over 12 weeks of age. 

Motivational and Relationship Building Games 
Owners teach puppies....... 
How to Play with toys properly. 
to interact with them using toys 
to give a toy up when asked ( "out" or "drop it" ) 
that they (the owners) initiate and end all games 
to bring the toy back to the owner 

Play Time 
Supervised Play in a safe fenced in area will allow the puppies to interact with other puppies and learn some "doggie social skills" 
... Something there is not always time for in our regular puppy class situation. 

Massage/Relaxation Time 
After getting the puppies all excited with toys, treats,and is now time to teach them to settle. ( you can get all excited 
We will be massaging the puppies and teaching them to accept touch. It is important to know that when your puppy is a little older, you will be able to touch/examine any part of their body with out them getting upset or aggressive.