Here's what our students have to say...

"I took the beginner agility class with Melissa and thoroughly enjoyed it. Melissa breaks down each aspect of the agility course and starts training with the basics. She is able to identify alternate ways to teach your dog each part, should they have a fear or not respond to a certain method and every week we built on the previous one. With the step by step training that Melissa uses you are able to build your dogs confidence for each part of the agility course individually before you put it all together as one. Melissa's ability to help a dog get over its fears and try something new are one of a kind and she is a truly gifted trainer."

Michelle Garbowicz

"I have a 2 year old aussie that has been training agility and flyball with Melissa for the past 1+ years. When I first contacted Melissa about additional training for my dog, she stressed that more training would create a strong bond between me and my dog. Melissa couldn’t have spoken any closer to the truth. My aussie is such a pleasure to have as a family pet, she is very obedient, hard working and reliable. Aussies are usually deemed to be too smart and can be destructive if not used their minds properly but with Melissa’s passion for training, my aussie is a phenomenally behaved dog for her age. We have so much fun together whether doing training indoors or out.

I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone with a puppy or dog for training; she is a great person and has a wonderful rapport with the dogs. I can’t say enough about her. I can’t wait for her to train my next dog."

Angela Barney

"I wasn't sure if my silly collie who is afraid of heights and would rather try and go under jumps would ever make it as an agility dog - in fact, I thought maybe we'd be wasting our money even trying the classes! Well, to my surprise, with the amazing training skills of Melissa, my dog has surprised everyone and now loves agility! She jumps the jumps, does the tunnels, and even does the teeter totter! And loves her job while she is out on course too! In fact, this same dog was petrified of the teeter. With a little extra "after hours" class work with Melissa - she had my dog Willow actually wanting to go on the teeter! Melissa knows how to read dogs so well, she has a natural gift. And she is so positive with the dogs, and knows when to push them a bit and when to back off. If it weren't for Melissa's positive and awesome training, I am pretty sure my collie still would never get near a teeter totter, and would still be ducking under or going around any jumps in front of her. Thanks Melissa!!!"

Candace Sirianni

"I would like to say for a way to build up self condfidence in my dog was through Mellisa's basic agility.
Winston is a very timid and lacks self confdence.

Although it took quite a bit of work, but through Melissa's determination to show him there wasn't anything to be afraid of, he made it through not one but many tunnels and was quite proud of himself for doing so. He actually learned to do a course. The obedience, through level one and two also made it alot easier as well

I am looking forward to do another agility class this year, just to see him have fun and boost his ego again."

Pat & Winston

"What a great time I had at the agility class it was a BLAST! I never did
anything like this before with my girl. I was suprised how quickly she took
to it. You made it fun for the dogs and the owners........I like the fact we
both went home tired and happy. Can't wait for the new class to begin!!!"

Arlene and Rosy

"My granddaughter, Veronica, and our border collie, Abbey, took part in Agility classes with Melissa. We had never done this before and both of them thoroughly enjoyed it. Veronica and Abbey learned a lot and had some really good times. We hope to take some more classes this spring. Melissa is a great teacher and was extremely helpful with whatever problem we were having. I like the way her training is based on positive rewards.

Thanks for all your help, Melissa."

Tina G